List of Bitcoin Lightning merchants

editable projects of Paralelna Polis

List of Bitcoin Lightning merchants

This is a list of merchants in Czech Republic and Slovakia accepting Lightning Network payments.



Czech Republic


  • Paralelní Polis - coworking space, coffee, events, swag, T-shirts
  • Laundromat - Pavol does laundry for crypto tourists, nomads etc. (not money laundering, but socks, pants etc.)


  • Yogena Brno - enlighten yourself and pay for yoga with Lightning


  • ChainCamp konference - buy all drinks, meals, swag, tickets… using your favorite lightning wallet!

Slovak Republic



  • Decentruck - Bleskomat ATM for buying Lightning coins, Paralelní Polis swag, coffee

Nodes that are well connected within the community

These are the nodes of merchants, not random routing nodes. You need to perform other economic activity than just providing liquidity in order to be featured.

  • 02f1246b8fe904a5c5193504d8069532b1fb8692b84fb3eb64318b201238f60ff1@ - Juraj Bednár’s node
  • - Martin Habovštiak’s node
  • - Paralelná Polis eshop - do not connect from non-routing (e.g. mobile) wallets!
  • 025e5019685002fe76b46cbde6d84500e674ac33863fea3ab490ea72e1ad8974be@ - Paralelní Polis
  • 03a6680e79e30f050d4f32f1fb9d046cc6efb5ed4cc99eeedba6b2e89cbf838691@ - Decentruck
  • 033daa2ac144528a56255e884b91f6d3cc77587b9b832d02e05d5313bda5e71aea@crmyc4f3smjyu5dl6qtep327yciyt4otc6akhko4qwwlayypf756piad.onion:9735 - Bordel Hackerspace
  • 032be0dd6f553c93ebb1b18520dfcc83d2b24d2c225b613434a59730762362051b@fmoyb3neophnklvkvl7u7jhl66qtlofl5qwqsocjr4vezjyf4swakxad.onion:9735 - Bitcoinovej Kanál

How to contribute

If you have a physical or online store in Czech Republic or Slovakia, edit this file and create a Pull request. Please do not submit changes by e-mail, if you don’t know how to create a pull request, ask your IT guy.